Power of Lord Muruga to energize brain cells and produce Bliss Chemstry.



Om Sharavanabava!

Lord Muruga has many names, some of which are Subramanya, Shanmuka, Kartikeya.

Five days ago something inspired me to add a Lord Muruga puja to my daily puja to Lord Sadashiva, and I was amazed as to what followed. Such golden thick divine energy started to flood my brain making a bliss chemistry happen in my system that was so ecstatic and it bade me to get up a dance to the glories of Lord Shanmuka.

Not by coincidence, my spiritual master Sri Paramahamsa Nithyananda Swami announced a few days later that the 6 day yearly festival to Lord Muruga called Skanda Sashti was to begin. The festival celebrates the killing of the demon Taraka by Lord Muruga. Interestingly enough I had no idea about this festival before I started his puja. Lord Muruga seemed to want me to celebrate him this year and inspired me to start his puja to prepare for the 6 days where he descends to liberate all of us from ego and maya, into the ultimate state of Enlightenment.

Sri Paramahamsa Nithyananda revealed that Lord Muruga was created from the 5 faces of Lord Sadashiva including the 6th “unmanifested” face, (Avyakta) together with the power of Devi, the Divine Mother.

Lord Muruga is also the Guru of the Siddhas, the perfected beings and descendants of Sadashiva, who cultivated the science of immortality and enlightenment.

My experience is the Lord Muruga is VERY accessible  and his energy is extremely powerful capable of easily removing the worst negativity and putting one into the state of Shiva-Bodha or the “intoxication” of Shiva.

The mantra “Vel” awakens the kundalini and rewires the brain to experience Completion, Bliss, and patternless space. Now with Lord Muruga’s energy settling in my system a Joy and Identity beyond “me” is easily experienced tangibly consistently in my brain.

Chant Om Sharavanabava and experience the love and intoxication of Lord Muruga.

Let Him lead us to the highest Goal!




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