Deeper Insights into Healing Benefits of RASA, an autistic child experiences healing.

Recently I was invited by a friend of mine to her house for lunch. She is the mother of two beautiful children. Her son however suffers from serious autism being unable to speak even at 5 years of age. He is also unable to handle other children or unknown people.

As I saw the child I felt sorry for the state of the child and quickly awakened his kundalini and connected his Crown Chakra to the Divine without anyone noticing. As it was the least I could do I wasn’t expecting much effect as the RASA is primarily designed for enlightenment, though healing can take place. Afterwards, to everyone’s surprise the child repeatedly continued to run after me, smile and beckon me to play with him, actions that was previously unseen from him, especially towards newcomers.

A week later, the mother of the child mentioned to me that after my visit, her son was speaking more and looking much more healthy and asked if I did anything to him. I mentioned that I gave him a short RASA which may have caused that effect. I was in complete humility at the power of the Divine Force that the RASA holds. The Divine Energy of the Source has no limitations.

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