Experience of Third Eye Awakening

When the Third Eye starts to awaken one can easily see the Light of whatever energy you are working with. Celestial Light becomes your new reality and visions of Gods and Goddess occur spontaneously and quite often. Mystical visions of heavenly dimensions may take place. Ones brain is like a cosmic airport. One can choose to feel the Light of any specific dimension one chooses. The Third eye is a mystical but very real secret. Awakening of the Third Eye is necessary for Self-Realization because seeing the Light of the Divine is just as important as feeling the Divine.

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  1. Kielan says:

    Yes I think my third eye is awakening, I see different energies depending on transmission and during certain meditations like the heavenly healing meditation. I also see allot of what Rali calls “Flashy sh*t” and the most powerful to date has been an Indigo lotus with an eye at the center that came to check me out while meditating during the chanting that happens by itself sometimes during deep meditation. I was told to look it up and I am humbled by the power behind that vision or what to call it, I pretty much just allow things to happen and not get attached to it however, since there is so much I do not know .

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