Blue Bindu and Gold element of Sadashiva

During your Journey of Atma Shiva Yoga you will often notice a blue energy field around your body and blue light within your headspace. This Blue Light represents the infinity of the Divine. The Blue Light is like the sky; one does not know where the sky begins and where the sky ends. Likewise, the deep blue one sees from the first level of Atma Shiva Yoga represents the infinite consciousness of the divine. The Bindu represents the source from which all else springs. The Blue Bindu is the source of all the five elements and material creation.  This is attained in Atma Shiva Yoga.
After one experiences the blue light one starts seeing a more subte golden light. This represents the perfected state of immortality that starts to develop with Atma Shiva Yoga. The Golden Body of Sadashiva begins to develop at the 2nd level. This golden state is a state of bliss and a state of immortality.
Atma Shiva Yoga develops the Golden Light Body of Sadashiva. This is an extremely secret and mystical state known only to the great Siddhas such as Thirumoolar and Siva Vakkyiar who attained these high levels of realization.
Om Na Ma Si Va Ya.

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