The practice of Atma Shiva Yoga

You told us when we practice Atma Shiva Yoga we put our palms on our laps facing upwards. Can I use any other mudra when practicing for example chin mudra?

No please do not do this. When we practice Atma Shiva Yoga and hold our palms in the manner which i described, we receive energy from the divine and bring our chakras and dantians into a receptive state. If you use other mudras you will be limiting the effect of the Atma Shiva Yoga meditation and using the energy to stimulate a specific energy center. This won’t bring you the results that you are looking for.

When I practice Atma Shiva Yoga I forget about my body and mind and remain in the Self. Shall i continue to practice this way?

As I said before during your Atma Shiva Yoga initiation, please only be in a relaxed but aware state when practicing. Do not focus on the Self, or completely forget yourself. This is a separate meditation and causes an different energetic effect. If you do this while practicing Atma Shiva Yoga you will be nullifying the effect of your practice. In Atma Shiva Yoga we allow the divine to meditate us directly. We should not control the meditation but just be gently aware of any sensations we start to feel. If you want to practice meditation on the Self, please do this after your practice of Atma Shiva Yoga.

I am unable to sit cross-legged. Can I still practice Atma Shiva Yoga while sitting on a chair?

You may do this but you wont receive the complete benefit of ASY. Please do stretching exercises for sometime until you can sit cross legged comfortably. The reason is when we sit cross legged we allow our energy and kundalini shakti to flow upwards towards our crown chakra. This is neccesary for ASY. Practicing in the half lotus posture or full lotus posture is very beneficial.

How many times a day can we practice Atma Shiva Yoga?

As much as your body can handle. There are no restrictions.

Do we have to be vegetarian?

There are no restrictions to diet either.

I practice Atma Shiva Yoga in front of my statue of Shiva to increase its effect. Is this okay?

No please do not practice Atma Shiva Yoga in front of a deity of the Divine. The statue holds a certain divine energy which will upset the balance of your ASY practice. In ASY we go completely inwards. Practicing with a deity produces other energetic and spiritual effects. I do recommend the practice of Puja but do your ASY practice without the presence of an external deity. If you want to meditate in front of a deity, simply chant the mantra of that deity mentally.