The lineage and source of Atma Shiva Yoga

Can you tell me who you learnt Atma Shiva Yoga from? Who has given you the authority to teach it?

I did not learn ASY from anyone. It is my completely my own invention by uncovering the secret and sacred yogic sciences of the Tamil Siddhas, especially Siddha Boganathar and Siddha Thirumoolar. Much of what is taught in Atma Shiva Yoga can be found in the Tirumandirum that can be read online. However you won’t be able to decipher it. I can tell you that I learnt similar secret breath control method that is taught in ASY from a very old buddhist lineage. After practicing ASY for many years, I felt it was the right time to share this practice. I won’t follow the stereotypical stories and say the Divine instructed me to share it. It is my own decision. However the technique of ASY will connect you to the frequencies of these Siddhas that I mentioned. In that way our lineage stems from Siddha Thirumoolar who first released the science. However he is not the Guru for our lineage though you may start having visions of the Siddhas. Our guru is directly Paramshiva.

Someone in Bangalore teaches Thirumoolar Siva Yoga. Are you teaching the same practice?

No. ASY has nothing to do with the practice you are talking about. I know what you are referring to and I have done that practice as well. If you want to learn that practice i suggest you learn from him. ASY is something completely different all together. In other practices you connect to the Divine with your effort. In ASY you perform a breath control process which allows the DIvine to connect to you and conduct the entire spiritual process. This is why you must take three deep breaths to come out of the ASY meditation, so your system can normalize itself before you go about your day or do something else. Never get up from your ASY meditation without taking three deep breaths.

If you created the practice of Atma Shiva Yoga then why do you say it is thousands of years old?

I created the practice but I did not create the science. The siddhas knew the yogic science of using breath control sequences or rhythms in order to connect to the Divine. I merely rediscovered the science, and after many years of trial and error I am sharing with the world.

I pray to Siddha Thirumoolar everyday to help me with my practice. Is this okay?

Yes this is fine. May you receive the grace of the Siddhas.