Atma Kriya Sadhana

Atma Kriya Sadhana – Ancient Kriyas For God Realization

Level 1: Omkara Kriya Sadhana

This is the Main Kriya of the Atma Kriya Sadhana. It is through the Omkara Kriya Sadhana that we regain awareness of our Soul-Consciousness as we infuse the Divine Light into each chakra. Our mind begins to still and we start to perceive the Divine living inside of us.

Level 2: Atma Vasudeva Kriya

Through this Kriya we start to glimpse the super conscious state of Turiya as the brain is filled with the Light of the Divine. Our Atma begins to touch the Light of the Paramatma. It is through this kriya we begin to experience the first stage of Samadhi.

Level 3: Atma Shiva Kriya

Now we bring awareness to the state of Shivoham (“I am Shiva”) inside of our Soul. Every time we perform this Kriya, our Soul is fused with the energy of Lord Shiva and we receive HIs blessings. Through this Kriya we may start to glimpse the state of Nirvikalpa Samadhi and the state of pure Self-Realization.

Level 4: Golden Lotus Kriya

In the final level we install the energy of the Lotus in our Atma. As we attain oneness with the Golden Lotus, our negative karma is transformed and we become the Jewel of Enlightenment. At this level is it possible to heal others. The pure state of Enlightenment is attained with this kriya.

Benefits of Atma Kriya Sadhana

  • Infuse your Soul with the Light of the Divine.
  • Healing on all physical, mental, energetic and spiritual levels.
  • Burn negative karma and negative impressions.
  • Bring Divine Light into your Chakras.
  • Awaken the state of Enlightenment and God Realization.
  • Acquire the power to heal yourself and heal others.

Participant registration tuition for the Atma Kriya Sadhana: 300 USD

Online Atma Kriya Sadhana Workshop and Initiation will take place on the 1st and 15th of every month. Register below to secure your participation.

Atma Kriya Sadhana

Initiation into all 4 levels