Science of the mantra: SIVAYANMA

  In this video, the sacred science of the mantra SIVAYANAMA is explained. It is through this mantra Sadashiva fuses into the individual soul.

Blue Bindu and Gold element of Sadashiva

During your Journey of Atma Shiva Yoga you will often notice a blue energy field around your body and blue light within your headspace. This Blue Light represents the infinity of the Divine. The Blue Light is like the sky; one does not know where the sky begins and where the sky ends. Likewise, the…

Required Reading

Required Reading List: These books will serve as a map for the spiritual and alchemical processes that you will go through as you continue to practice Atma Shiva Yoga. You will directly experience the phenomena described in the texts. The texts cannot be understood without the training. These texts will also serve to purify your…

Experience of Third Eye Awakening

When the Third Eye starts to awaken one can easily see the Light of whatever energy you are working with. Celestial Light becomes your new reality and visions of Gods and Goddess occur spontaneously and quite often. Mystical visions of heavenly dimensions may take place. Ones brain is like a cosmic airport. One can choose…

Jim Carrey and his Self-Realization

  Jim Carrey nicely explains his awakening experience. Whether you are a famous actor or a child of five, awakening to your True Self brings an incomparable ¬†feeling of Completion and Fulfillment. Choose to awaken to your Soul-Consciousness Now!