Daily Shiva Darshan

Attend daily Darshan of Lord Shiva!

Darshan will take place every day at 9pm EST.

Darshan means having a glimpse of the Divine Light of your Soul. Your Soul is one with the Divine. When you feel the divine light of your soul, all worries and negativities vanish. During daily darshan you will experience the energy of Lord Shiva. Divine healing and blessings will take place.

Instructions for Darshan:

  • Open zoom and click the youtube link posted which will be devotional music to shiva.
  • While the music is playing, sit with your palms open on your lap and close your eyes.
  • Simply sit and absorb the divine presence which will be transmitted.
  • Bring some fruit or a cup of water which will be blessed by the Divine during Darshan. Eat this after darshan is over.

Zoom link will be posted daily.