Experience the Divine Now with Atma Shiva Yoga
Glimpse the Super-Conscious state of Enlightenment with one breath.
The exact step by step process you can use heal your body and enter a state of oneness with the universe.
With this meditation technique, you will be able to instantly enter the state of enlightenment and superconsciousness.

It took me years  of traveling and thousands of dollars to finally find this technique.

If you want to shortcut your way through decades of seeking and trial and error you are really going to want to watch this video. 

What You Will Learn...
  • A preparatory Atma Shiva Yoga mediation designed to put you into the super-conscious state of enlightenment
  • How the divine can meditate you into enlightenment.
  • A technique that can heal all aspects of your body and mind.
  • How this method of meditation is completely different from all other methods and involves no effort on your part.
  • That is possible to attain oneness with the universe.
  • The tool to instantly end your stress and return to your True Self.
Awareness of the Divine in every action.
Atma Shiva Yoga helps you to perceive that Divine Reality present within your soul. Once you tangibly feel you are made of the Divine, you will start to express a greater love, joy and connection with life itself. The Divine will interpenetrate all aspects of your life. You will awaken to true oneness.
Burn away negativity and fall in Love with your life.
As you continue to practice Atma Shiva Yoga you will notice all the negative impressions of your past are being dissolved. When practicing Atma Shiva Yoga you are constantly contacting the space of Pure Consciousness and pure freedom. This divine space starts to penetrate your mind and emotions. Suddenly the dark veil you use to view life is lifted and you perceive the Light that has always been there.
Restore your Health and mental well-being
Atma Shiva Yoga is a complete healing system that uses the divine intelligence to heal all aspects of your body and mind. As your physical processes become regulated by the divine, your natural capacity for healing develops. All sorts of physical and mental ailments can be overcome by practicing Atma Shiva Yoga.
About  Ausar
Ausar’s experience comes from years of intensive travel around the world where he met and trained with various high-level masters from Hindu, Buddhist and Taoist traditions.  Ausar studied the Vaishnava spiritual tradition with Paramahamsa Swami Vishwananda.    Ausar underwent intensive Buddhist and Taoist training with Grandmaster Doo Wai for a period of 3 years where he trained with the Grandmaster every second day of the week via web video call. He also traveled twice to Los Angeles to see the Grandmaster in person and trained with him privately for a month each at a time. He was taught various secret practices during this time of which  Ausar became the sole holder of the systems. Other masters that Ausar has met and trained under include Chunyi Lin and Robert Peng.   Atma Shiva Yoga came as a revelation after years of training and study and is a synthesis of the highest teachings of Hinduism that he received from his masters
" During twenty-five years of meditation with various teachings of different traditions and finally the last 15 years of Kriya Yoga, I have to admit that this system is the most powerful I’ve found in my entire life. Atma Shiva Yoga is like playing a piano. It is different to play a piano and to listen to piano music. In my prior experience, doing meditation is often like listening to music. But instead while doing Atma Shiva Yoga, it’s more like playing an instrument, and guess what… God or whatever you may call It is the Player and you are the instrument. Divine ecstasy, the music of God. I think soon Light seekers will come from everywhere to experience these teachings…"
-Giorgio, Italy
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