Kundalini Thunderbolt Sadhana

Note: Kundalini Thunderbolt Sadhana is only open to students who have completed Atma Shiva Yoga.

What is the Kundalini Thunderbolt Sadhana?

The sadhana of awakening the Kundalini thunderbolt was a highly kept secret by the Siddha Tradition of ancient India. The result of this sadhana is a creation of a very powerful energy that has the ability to produce an electric shocks and electrical currents that can be tangibly felt by others. This sadhana was shrouded in secrecy because of the magnitude of the power it creates within the body. If immoral practitioners accomplish this sadhana, this power could readily be used to bring harm to others. Those desirous of achieving powers and siddhis would gravitate to this sadhana. Though originating in India, the sadhana of developing the “vajra power” within the body found its way to Buddhism and Taoism.

What is the Kundalini Thunderbolt or Vajra?

The Kundalini thunderbolt is the lightning which is created when the positive and negative charges of universal energy are forcibly put together and made to react. The combination of the yin and yang charges start to create a bolt of lightning and thunder which can be stored in ones navel plexus. The Kundalini thunderbolt sadhana is thus mastery of the prana of this universe.

What is the goal of the Kundalini Thunderbolt Sadhana?

Whereas the goal of Atma Shiva Yoga is union with the divine or God-Realization, the goal of the Kundalini Thunderbolt Sadhana is primarily attaining Spiritual Immortality whereby our identity is preserved despite the death of the physical body. If the prana of the universe can be contained within the body and not allowed to escape, one overcomes the cycle of reincarnation.

What sort of abilities can be attained by completing Kundalini Thunderbolt Sadhana?

Masters of this sort of sadhana have been noted to be able to ignite objects of fire with their palms, break or shatter objects from a distance and levitate. In addition, mastery of this sadhana allows one to bestow the state of God-realization to another by a single touch.

How long does the Kundalini Thunderbolt Sadhana take to accomplish?

The Kundalini Thunderbolt Sadhana is not easy and requires at least three hours of practice a day for five years to complete the first level. There are many levels to this and the various siddhis start to awaken at specific levels. For example one is able to ignite a small paper on fire by the third level.

What is the spiritual effect of the Kundalini Thunderbolt Sadhana?

Once the thunderbolt is awakened, there is no more obstacle in one energy body. The gateway to samadhi has been opened. The current that has awakened can be then raised to the brain to enter into the state of God-Realization.

How can I start the Kundalini Thunderbolt Sadhana?

The Kundalini Thunderbolt Sadhana can not be started by a student who has not filled his/her navel center with prana. A pre-requisite to this sadhana is to have a navel center filled with prana. There are two signs that show this has happened. One sign is heat and the next sign is vibration in the abdomen. In fact, the additional breathing method taught as part of the Atma Shiva Yoga course is the preparatory practice for the Kundalini Thunderbolt Sadhana which fills the navel center with prana.