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“996: Chant Om Na Ma Si Va Ya Chanting Mantra “Na” to begin and “Ya” to end–Na Ma Si Va Ya, And prefixing Mantra that has “A” and “U”–“OM” Those who meditate thus Will see the Primal Lord inside their head.” (Tirumandirum – Siddha Thirumoolar)

The first level of Atma Shiva Yoga involves the cleansing of all karmic impressions and the activation of all the chakras and the kundalini shakti. As the divine light of Shiva starts to fill the three dantians and the consciousness becomes stabilized in the Self, the Supreme Soul, Paramatman, starts to awaken within the Heart. The third eye and medulla oblongata become charged with cosmic energy. Ultimately the first level awakens the infinity of the “Blue Bindhu” above the crown chakra. The effulgent blue form of Shiva starts to merge with your own form.


“960: Chant “Om Sivaya Nama” In formless space rises Nada, In Sakti of slender waist rises Bindu, Together they form, OM With letter “Ya” in center, When mantra Si Va Ya Na Ma is incessant chanted, That mantra (Om Sivaya Nama) spouts Siva Bliss.” (Tirumandirum – Siddha Thirumoolar)

After the foundation of level 1 is secured in your system, the subtle golden form of Shiva is manifested in the upper dantian. This brings the immortality of Shiva down into the physical body. One starts to cultivate the Golden State of Shiva and the bliss of the Divine is experienced in the Heart.


“983: Chant Namasivaya and Vanquish Karmas; Chant Sivaya Nama and Be One With Sadasiva In the Five Letters beginning with “Na” (Na Ma Si Va Ya) Are all actions you seek to do; In the Five Letters are stubborn Karmas vanquished; Those who hold in their hearts The Five Letters with “Si” to begin (Si Va Ya Na Ma). Will with Primal Sadasiva one be” (Tirumandirum – Siddha Thirumoolar)

In Level three of Atma Shiva Yoga, the pure samadhi state and opening of the third eye are cultivated. Purification and activation of all the tattwas (elements) is experienced as the kundalini is fully stabilized in the third eye.


“2709: Sivayanama is Alchemic In slighting terms they speak of our Lord; With thoughts centering on the Light And hearts melting in love Let them chant His name; With the alchemic pill of Sivaya Nama He will turn thy body gold.” (Tirumandirum – Siddha Thirumoolar)

The complete form of Sadashiva as your own Self is experienced in the fourth level of Atma Shiva Yoga. One awakens the Sun, Moon and Fire and the bio-energy of Sadashiva. Sadashiva starts to merge with the individual soul.


952: Lord is in “Aum” Beyond Adharas Where Adharas end, “Aum” is; There shall you see Lord Who of Himself reveals; He is Blemishless, He is Light Divine, He is Whole Truth, He is the Alchemic pill, Of flawless gold.

2677: In Aum Jiva, Para and Siva Merge In Aum arose the elements five; In Aum arose the creation entire; In the atita (finite) of Aum The three Jivas merged; Aum is the Form Of Jiva, Para and Siva in union. ( (Tirumandirum – Siddha Thirumoolar))

The final level is the direct realization that universal sound of OM is none other than Lord Sadashiva. In this level the Para Turiyatitta state is cultivated.

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