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Introducing Atma Shiva Yoga
A High level meditation system Scientifically designed to Unite your individual Consciousness with the Universal Consciousness
Bring a Lifetime of Constant Healing, Empowerment and uplift all dimensions of your Life to their highest potential 
Secret #1: Enlightenment does not have to take decades
Enlightenment, or the science of fusing oneself with the universal energy, will never be achieved without the right methods. Enlightenment is rarely achieved because people simply do not have the right practices. Once one has the right system, enlightenment can be achieved within six months to a year. The methods taught in the Atma Shiva Yoga program are authentic and high level meditations that are thousands of years old.
Secret #2: 
The Universal Energy can be permanently fused within you.
Enlightenment takes place when the cosmic energy in the outside universe fuses within you. This turns you into a powerful generator of cosmic energy. This energy, once attained, can never be lost. You will carry this divine power throughout your lifetime. You will always tangibly feel a oneness between you and the universe. 
Secret #3: 
High Level Meditation is the key to Spiritual Enlightenment
Regular meditation such as sitting in stillness or following the breath can never accomplish the complex spiritual process needed for the enlightenment realization to take place. Once must practice an authentic, time tested, high level meditation that connects to cosmic energy, awakens all the energy channels in the body, and fuses the internal energy centers with the external universe.
Awareness of the Divine in every action.
Atma Shiva Yoga helps you to perceive that Divine Reality present within your soul. Once you tangibly feel you are made of the Divine, you will start to express a greater love, joy and connection with life itself. The Divine will interpenetrate all aspects of your life. You will awaken to true oneness.
Burn away negativity and fall in Love with your life.
As you continue to practice Atma Shiva Yoga you will notice all the negative impressions of your past are being dissolved. When practicing Atma Shiva Yoga you are constantly contacting the space of Pure Consciousness and pure freedom. This divine space starts to penetrate your mind and emotions. Suddenly the dark veil you use to view life is lifted and you perceive the Light that has always been there.
Restore your Health and mental well-being
Atma Shiva Yoga is a complete healing system that uses the divine intelligence to heal all aspects of your body and mind. As your physical processes become regulated by the divine, your natural capacity for healing develops. All sorts of physical and mental ailments can be overcome by practicing Atma Shiva Yoga.
Here is what your intensive Atma Shiva Yoga program looks like...

Stage 1
Stula (manifest) Panchaksara Kriya

“996: Chant Om Na Ma Si Va Ya Chanting Mantra “Na” to begin and “Ya” to end–Na Ma Si Va Ya, And prefixing Mantra that has “A” and “U”–“OM” Those who meditate thus Will see the Primal Lord inside their head.” (Tirumandirum – Siddha Thirumoolar)

The first stage of Atma Shiva Yoga involves the cleansing of all karmic impressions and the activation of all the chakras and the kundalini shakti. As the divine light of Shiva starts to fill the three dantians and the consciousness becomes stabilized in the Self, the Supreme Soul, Paramatman, starts to awaken within the Heart. The third eye and medulla oblongata become charged with cosmic energy. Ultimately the first level awakens the infinity of the “Blue Bindhu” above the crown chakra. The effulgent blue form of Shiva starts to merge with your own form.

Stage 2
Sukshma (subtle) Panchaksara Kriya

“960: Chant “Om Sivaya Nama” In formless space rises Nada, In Sakti of slender waist rises Bindu, Together they form, OM With letter “Ya” in center, When mantra Si Va Ya Na Ma is incessant chanted, That mantra (Om Sivaya Nama) spouts Siva Bliss.” (Tirumandirum – Siddha Thirumoolar)

After the foundation of the first stage is secured in your system, the subtle golden form of Shiva is manifested in the upper dantian. This brings the immortality of Shiva down into the physical body. One starts to cultivate the Golden State of Shiva and the bliss of the Divine is experienced in the Heart.

Stage 3 
Advanced Stula Panchaksara Kriya

“983: Chant Namasivaya and Vanquish Karmas; Chant Sivaya Nama and Be One With Sadasiva In the Five Letters beginning with “Na” (Na Ma Si Va Ya) Are all actions you seek to do; In the Five Letters are stubborn Karmas vanquished; Those who hold in their hearts The Five Letters with “Si” to begin (Si Va Ya Na Ma). Will with Primal Sadasiva one be” (Tirumandirum – Siddha Thirumoolar)

In this third stage of Atma Shiva Yoga, the pure samadhi state and opening of the third eye are cultivated. Purification and activation of all the tattwas (elements) is experienced as the kundalini is fully stabilized in the third eye.

Stage 4
Advanced Sukshma Panchaksara Kriya

“2709: Sivayanama is Alchemic In slighting terms they speak of our Lord; With thoughts centering on the Light And hearts melting in love Let them chant His name; With the alchemic pill of Sivaya Nama He will turn thy body gold.” (Tirumandirum – Siddha Thirumoolar)

The complete form of Sadashiva as your own Self is experienced in the fourth level of Atma Shiva Yoga. One awakens the Sun, Moon and Fire and the bio-energy of Sadashiva. Sadashiva starts to merge with the individual soul.

Stage 5
Om Shiva Samadhi Kriya

952: Lord is in “Aum” Beyond Adharas Where Adharas end, “Aum” is; There shall you see Lord Who of Himself reveals; He is Blemishless, He is Light Divine, He is Whole Truth, He is the Alchemic pill, Of flawless gold.

2677: In Aum Jiva, Para and Siva Merge In Aum arose the elements five; In Aum arose the creation entire; In the atita (finite) of Aum The three Jivas merged; Aum is the Form Of Jiva, Para and Siva in union. ( (Tirumandirum – Siddha Thirumoolar))

In this stage the highest state of Turiyatita, or union with the Divine, is attained. This is the final goal of yoga and meditation.
How your Life will be transformed...
  • Awakening to spiritual attainments that would otherwise be impossible to achieve.
  • ​Awakening and development of your kundalini energy.
  • Become your own source of Enlightenment, healing and personal power.
  • ​Attain the highest state of enlightenment, Turiyatita, the state where the Divine is fused inside you permanently.
  • Awakens all your energy channels​.
  • ​Removes all your physical, mental and spiritual blockages.
  • ​Fills your body with Divine Energy.
  • ​​Empowers you with tremendous healing power.
  • ​​Connects your soul to the Source.
  • ​Let the Divine meditate you and free you from all karmic obstructions.
  • ​ Completely heal your body, mind and spirit of all diseases and impurities.
  •  Supercharge your energy level by daily infusing yourself with Divine Light.
  • ​ Awaken instantaneously to the Divine Energy that is your very Soul.
  • ​ Practice a meditation that is authentic and scientifically designed to bring you unlimited realizations of  cosmic oneness.
  • ​ Bypass long, arduous, and unnecessary hours to control your mind.
  • ​ Awaken to Divine Bliss and your true Nature as Sat-Chit-Ananda, Existence-Consciousness-Bliss.
  • ​ Allow yourself to access an unlimited reservoir of Divine Energy.
  • ​Private mentorship with Ausar.
  • ​Awaken the ability to empower others with divine light.
  • and much more...
Atma Shiva Yoga is designed to fuse the Divine inside you permanently, bestowing the spiritual attainment of God-Realization, the state of eternal oneness with the Divine.

In Atma Shiva Yoga there is no need to strive to control the mind or to endlessly repeat mantras.

A secret breath control sequence is used to trigger the divine to conduct the entire process for you while you simply relax.

In Atma Shiva Yoga you will directly connect with the Divine. 
Heres what you are going to receive:
Level 1 of Atma Shiva Yoga - Shiva Yoga Sadhana
  • Stage 1: Stula Panchaksara Kriya Meditation 
  • Stage 2: Sukshma Panchaksara Kriya Meditation 
  • Stage 3: Advanced Stula Panchaksara Kriya Meditation
  • Stage 4: Advanced Sukshma Panchaksara Kriya Meditation
  • Stage 5: Om Shiva Samadhi Kriya  Meditation
 Kriya Kundalini Pranayama 
  • Three secret postures with a specialized breathing method to awaken and develop the Kundalini Energy

      Registration tuition of Atma Shiva Yoga Level 1 Initiation plus Kriya Kundalini Pranayama: 1000 USD

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      Frequently Asked Questions
      Is there a guarantee of the results promised in the Atma Shiva Yoga Program?

      If you are committed to practicing the techniques learnt at least 30 minutes a day for the duration of the 20 weeks you will surely achieve all the attainments and healing benefits of the program. All the practices taught are scientifically designed to produce the desired results. There is a direct return between how much you practice and the results gained from the practice.

      1. Can you tell me about what exactly Atma Shiva Yoga involves:

      Atma Shiva Yoga does not involve any visualization, mental mantra repetition or forced moving of energy through the body. The energy of the Atma Shiva Yoga is activated through a secret breathing process whereby one becomes “meditated” by the highest dimension of Divine energy, Shiva or Brahman. In other words, the cosmos, Brahman, or the Universe meditates for the practitioner. One does not need to forcefully control one’s mind or focus on the breath. Mechanical methods are limited and dangerous because one is forcing energy to do certain things. Celestial methods use the natural intelligence of the universe to conduct the spiritual/energetic process for the practitioner. Celestial Methods are quicker and more advanced.

      2. Can Atma Shiva Yoga heal me of diseases:

      Atma Shiva Yoga not only provides spiritual enlightenment but heals the body of all diseases and heals the mind of all negativity. The power of Om is able to penetrate any impurity and dissolve it. Atma Shiva Yoga is great to practice for anyone who wants perfect health, or for those who would like to heal themselves for ‘incurable’ diseases such as diabetes or cancer.

      4. I have many negative memories from my past. Will Atma Shiva Yoga help me overcome them? 

      Atma Shiva Yoga erases mental samskaras. The more one practices Atma Shiva Yoga the more one is filled with the divine energy of universal consciousness, Sadashiva. In the space of Shiva, negativity loses all power. Daily practice of Atma Shiva Yoga protects one from all forms of negativity and negative patterns that have accumulated over one’s life starts to dissolve. One’s inner space is replaced with freedom and abundance. One starts to experience the space of enlightenment.

      5. Will Atma Shiva Yoga grant me the state of Samadhi?

      Atma Shiva Yoga removes all barriers between you and the cosmos. Daily you have the opportunity to sit in samadhi in oneness with the Cosmos. One becomes filled with the divine bliss and one starts to surrender to the infinite. During daily meditation, one unloads all karmic baggage. Atma Shiva Yoga allows you to experience the freedom of your true nature as pure Consciousness.

      Terms and Conditions:
      Sharing, teaching or trading the Atma Shiva Yoga method is restricted. This method is protected by the Divine and must be given by the master for it to work. If it is found that you are sharing this method without our knowledge you will be banned from all future releases. There is a strict no refund policy.
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