Light of Buddha Lotus Meditation

Learn the Light of Buddha Lotus Meditation! – Karma Cleansing Meditation

  • Raise your frequency with the mind, body and speech of Buddha.
  • Prepare yourself for the deeper practice of Atma Shiva Yoga by cleaning your karma
  • Prepare yourself for the awakening of the Light Body.
  • Heal yourself of all ailments.
  • Attain inner peace and restful awareness.
  • Experience the Light of Buddhas.
  • Cultivate your spiritual healing power.

The Light of Buddha Lotus meditation raises your frequency by aligning it to the mind, speech and body of all Buddhas. This releases negative mental tendencies and purifies the being. One starts to prepare one’s mind, body and speech  for the awakening of the Light Body (Rainbow Body).

Receive initiation into the Light of Buddha Lotus meditation!

USD 99