Master Ausar

Ausar’s experience comes from years of intensive travel around the world where he met and trained with various high-level masters from Hindu, Buddhist and Taoist traditions. Ausar studied the Vaishnava spiritual tradition with Paramahamsa Swami Vishwananda.     Ausar underwent intensive Buddhist and Taoist training with Grandmaster Doo Wai for a period of five years where he trained with the Grandmaster every second day of the week via web video call. He also traveled twice to Los Angeles to see the Grandmaster in person and trained with him privately for a month each at a time. He was taught various secret practices during this time of which Ausar became the sole holder of the systems. Atma Shiva Yoga came as a revelation after years of training and study and is a synthesis of the highest teachings of Hinduism that he received from his masters.  After many years of intensive practice fusion with Lord Shiva took place. Ausar now wishes to share to the world what he received through Atma Shiva Yoga.