Omkara Kriya Yoga

What is the sound of OM?

The Sound of OM is the sound of our very soul and the sound of the universe itself. The sound of Om provides the fastest route to god-realization. Om  Oṃ, Devanagari: , Kannada: ಓಂ, Tamil: , Telugu: ఓం), also written as Aum, is the most sacred syllable Symbol & mantra of Brahman The Almighty God in Hinduism. Brahman is Supreme Self, Ultimate Reality, Creator of all Existence. The syllable is often chanted either independently or before a mantra;[1][2][3] it signifies the essence of the ultimate reality, consciousness or Atman.[4][5][6] The Om sound is the primordial sound and is called the Shabda-Brahman (Brahman as sound).[7]

The syllable Om is referred to as praṇava.[19][20] Other used terms are akṣara (literally, letter of the alphabet, imperishable, immutable) or ekākṣara (one letter of the alphabet) and omkāra (literally, beginning, female divine energy).[21][22][23][24]Udgitha, a word found in Sama Veda and bhasya (commentaries) based on it, is also used as a name of the syllable.[25] The word has three phonemes: “a-u-m”,[26][27][28][29] though it is often described as trisyllabic despite this being either archaic or the result of translation.

The syllable Om is first mentioned in the Upanishads, the mystical texts associated with the Vedanta philosophy. It has variously been associated with concepts of “cosmic sound” or “mystical syllable” or “affirmation to something divine”, or as symbolism for abstract spiritual concepts in the Upanishads.[14] In the Aranyaka and the Brahmana layers of Vedic texts, the syllable is so widespread and linked to knowledge, that it stands for the “whole of Veda”.[14] The etymological foundations of Omare repeatedly discussed in the oldest layers of the Vedantic texts (the early Upanishads).[30][31] The Aitareya Brahmana of Rig Veda, in section 5.32, for example suggests that the three phonetic components of Om (pronounced AUM) correspond to the three stages of cosmic creation, and when it is read or said, it celebrates the creative powers of the universe. The Brahmana layer of Vedic texts equate Om with Bhur-bhuvah-Svah, the latter symbolizing “the whole Veda”. They offer various shades of meaning to Om, such as it being “the universe beyond the sun”, or that which is “mysterious and inexhaustible”, or “the infinite language, the infinite knowledge”, or “essence of breath, life, everything that exists”, or that “with which one is liberated”.[14] 

Level 1 – Moola Om Kriya

Level 1 of Omkara Kriya Yoga involves the siddha cultivation of the Muladhara root chakra. As the muladhara chakra is awakened the Kundalini shakti at the base of the spine wakes up permanently. The secret sacred syllables of the muladhar chakra also awaken. The Divine Mother energy present in the root chakra starts to permeate the body and one has the vision of the Divine Mother. The energy of Ganesha, the god who removes all obstacles, is also cultivated as well as the energy of the earth element. Ultimately the energy starts to unite with the third eye chakra.

Level 2 – Nabhi Om Kriya

Level 2 is focused with cultivating the energies of the lower dantian and the navel. All our hidden worries and samskaras are hidden away in the navel. Level 2 is a karma cleanser and washes away negative impurities of our past actions and removes the seeds of future negative actions. The energy and vitality of the body is also cultivated as the lower dantian is filled with light. This also includes the awakening of the microcosmic orbit with starts to unite all three dantians.

Level 3 – Hridaya Jyoti Om Kriya

Level 3 is completely centered on the awakening of the body of light. The Light Body awakens when a secret channel between the upper dantian and the middle dantian awakens. The middle dantian becomes ignited with cosmic energy and a golden aura forms around the body. This is a major step in the process of enlightenment.

Level 4 – Trinetra Om Kriya

It is in the fourth level where the energy of samadhi is cultivated at the third eye. All the hidden points at the spiritual eye become activated. Layers of red, blue, gold and ultimately white Light are penetrated at the spiritual eye representing hidden layers of the supreme consciousness. The energy of Shiva, Vishnu and Devi all start to awaken and become embodied in the soul of the individual.

Level 5 – Turiyatitta Om Kriya

Level 5 of Omkara Kriya Yoga is centered around the complete realization of OM include its un-manifest state.  The samadhi of turiyatitta is attained and divine become fused inside the individual consciousness. The state of a master is attained.

Level 6 – Divya Om Kriya

Level 6 includes the cultivates of all the secret points in the brain to truly reflect the celestial light. One starts to cultivate a divine body that solely comprised of the Light of Om.

Level 7 – Sri Vidya  Om Kriya (restricted)

Level 7 is for only select dedicated students. Level 6 manifests the energy of the Divine Mother, Lalita Tripura Sundari. No more information will be given about this level.

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