Paramatma Shiva Yoga

The Advanced Levels of Atma Shiva Yoga

Course Pre-requisite Levels 1 – 5 of Atma Shiva Yoga or Omkara Kriya Yoga

Each level of Paramatma Shiva Yoga is extremely rare and directly unites the practitioner with different aspects of the Divine. Unlike levels 1 – 5, Paramatma Shiva Yoga has no breath control. The passcode to unite with the cosmic energy is very subtle and accomplishes the unification with the divine instantaneously. Paramatma Shiva Yoga allows one to cultivate the deepest the levels of the Turiyatita state.

Level 6 – Brahman Shiva Kriya

Level 7 – Divya Shiva Kriya

Level 8 – Linga Shiva Kriya

Level 9 – Heaven and Earth Shiva Kriya

Level 11 – Divya Vishnu Kriya

Level 12 – Vishnu Hridaya Kriya

Level 13 – Vasudeva Kriya

Level 14 – Sri Vidya Kriya

Level 15 – Omkara Samadhi Kriya

Level 16 – Advanced Omkara Samadhi Kriya

Level 17 – Divya Manas Kriya

Level 18 – Narayana Kriya