Shiva Pranashakti Kriyas – Free Online Course

Shiva Pranashakti Kriyas Free Online Course

Saturday June 22nd 2pm EST

Learn the first of four sets of the Shiva Pranashakti Kriyas and taste the Divine Essence of your True Self.

These Kriyas are the foundational practice of Atma Shiva Yoga.

What is Prana?

Prana is the life-force inherent inside all beings and the universal seal of energy that vitalizes all matter. In some traditions it is called as “Chi”. Prana has an inherent intelligence that enables it to carry out all the life-sustaining processes. Many practices aim to control and balance the Prana. Once Prana is balanced and flows in a state of harmony, health and wellness is attained.

What is Shiva?

Shiva is another term for the Universal Consciousness that is the Soul or Self inherent inside all beings. Shiva is the primordial aspect of the Brahman, the Universal Reality. Shiva is the highest expression of our Consciousness and it is through Shiva we become liberated from the pangs of the body and mind.

What are the Shiva Pranashakti Kriyas?

Kriya means action with awareness. When we combine kriyas with Prana and Shiva-Consciousnesss we are able to access a high level spiritual practice where we are in tune with the Universe, the Prana and our True Self at the same time.

The  Shiva Pranashakti Kriyas are the foundational spiritual practices of Atma Shiva Yoga. will allow you to accumulate the energy of the Divine for healing and to prepare you for the much deeper practice of Atma Shiva Yoga.

These Kriyas will heal all diseases in the body and allow you to taste the divine energy of Shiva.

Practice these kriyas every day for healing and for the development of latent faculties including third eye awakening. This will prepare you for the deeper journey of Atma Shiva Yoga where true enlightenment is attained.

Will I also receive the Superconscious Shiva Transmission?

All participants of the Shiva Pranashakti Kriya Course will receive the Superconscious Shiva transmission at the end of the session. This will be an initiation into the Divine energy of Shiva so you can access the most energy out of the Kriya’s. The initiation will also bless you with the state of Self-Realization where you taste your true Self, distinct from your body and mind.

Attend the Shiva Pranashakti Kriya’s free online course:

  • Access the state of Self Realization
  • Completely heal yourself of all ailments
  • Prepare yourself for the much deeper practice of Atma Shiva Yoga
  • Learn how to simultaneously flow intune with the universe, your true Self and the Prana.
  • Awaken hidden abilities such as third eye awakening.
  • Taste the divine essence of your Soul.
  • Realize your Divine Nature.
  • Become a Light for yourself and others.

To attend the course use visit this link here to sign up.