The goal and results of Atma Shiva Yoga

The goal and results of Atma Shiva Yoga

Can you explain what is the goal of Atma Shiva Yoga?

The goal is clear in the name. It is to tangibly experience and attain union of your Soul, Atma, with Shiva, the Divine Consciousness. When this happens you will no longer need Atma Shiva Yoga to connect to the Divine. Simply a thought of Lord Shiva, puts you in a samadhi and connects you spiritual and energetically and sadhana takes place.

How does Atma Shiva Yoga awaken the kundalini?

This takes place in the third level, Vasi Yogam. Va represents the female, the moon, ida nadi and the Divine mother, Shakti. Si represents the male, the sun, pingali nadi and Shiva. Combining these forces causes prana and apana to unite, and ida and pingala to intertwine. This permanatley awakens the kundalini and stabilizes it at the sahasrara chakra.

Can you explain the difference of Self realization and God Realization?

Level 1 of ASY works on Self Realization. You will experience that you are an eternal Being, separate from the body and mind. Level two onwards works on God Realization. in Self Realization the realization is only mental. However in God Realization, we experience union with the Divine at all levels, from energetic to Soul level. When one unites with the Divine, one not only experiences a great current of energy, light and sound but also can connect through the Silence of merely a thought of the Divine. It is this tangible union with the Divine energy that needs to be attained for God Realization to take place. When this happens it is permanent and the end of reincarnation.

In what level is the Light body attained?

We work on the Light Body directly at the 4th level. It is the fourth level that starts to convert our chakras to light. Regular practice of the 4th level leads to a perception of golden light in each chakra and a golden glow around the body. This is the Light body beginning to awaken.

The science of Atma Shiva Yoga