The science of Atma Shiva Yoga

The science of Atma Shiva Yoga

In ASY level 1 we learnt five different meditations with five different mantras. Are the effect of the mantras the same?

Every mantra you learnt has its own unique spiritual and energetic effect that you must perceive and experience. Once you are able to tell the difference energetically of these mantras you will know that you are progressing in Atma Shiva Yoga. In fact, we use these same mantras for the 2nd and 4th levels of ASY. It is important to get acquainted with these mantras as this is the “drill” you will use to reach the depth of your Soul. Atma Shiva Yoga is about getting in tune with your spiritual Self. Each mantra helps to unlock a different aspect of the Divine connection.

The breath control method you taught me seems too simple. Why don’t other people know about this?

I actually asked myself the same question but realized that this method of breathing was shrouded in secrecy. Often the most simple is the most overlooked.

I have been saying the mantra Om Namah Shivaya for many years. Did i get the same effect as doing Atma Shiva Yoga?

No you did not. In fact doing the ASY method one time is equivalent to doing the mantra mentally for many years. The breath control method is like the rocket ship that connects your soul to the ultimate dimension of Paramshiva. You cannot get this just by chanting the mantra mentally. If that were the case I would never have to practice ASY.